IE9 Sucks

Mozilla: IE9 Sucks, Microsoft Is Evil (Or Terribly Irresponsible)

Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s community director, has sharply criticized Microsoft for forcing people to buy a new OS if they want to use IE9.


We follow dozens of people of Mozilla as a matter of our interest and our reporting and we have grown used to the fact that there are few at Mozilla who sugarcoat their thoughts. It isn’t surprising to find broadside shots at IE9 RC, simply because of the tight race between IE9 and Firefox 4. Microsoft won, at least as far as the release candidate release time is concerned. Dotzler is first out of the gate and aims at IE9′s most obvious vulnerability.

“There are two things I have to say about it. One, it’s pretty nice. Two, why doesn’t Microsoft give a shit care about half of the people on the Web who use Windows XP?

Requiring a $200 OS upgrade to get a decent browser is either evil or terribly irresponsible. There’s just no excuse for a software company with the resources that Microsoft has t

o abandon hundreds of millions of users like that.

Now, Microsoft says that it’s not possible to deliver the hardware acceleration and other features it’s built into IE 9 but we know that’s bullshit not true because Firefox 4 uses Microsoft’s very own DirectX APIs to hardware accelerate Web content for Windows 7 and Windows XP users.”

I can follow Dotzler’s complaint very well, as we have laid out in the past that Microsoft is likely to lose its market leadership because of the simple reason that it cannot reach half of the world’s users with IE9 – if it cannot convince them to upgrade to Windows 7 immediately (and even then, most of those people will be stuck with IE8, if they do not put the effort in finding a better browser.) In effect, Mozilla should be happy that Microsoft has made this move.

Mozilla itself is just about to freeze Beta 12 of Firefox 4 and it was just reported that the last strings for the browsers have landed. Beta 12 should become available early next week and the RC should be following shortly afterwards. However, at this point it seems that the last release may not make it into February.

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